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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving !

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Antebellum Rick

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Rick Perry, the anti-Washington Governor of Texas, previously breached the idea of secession from the union, presumably with him as President of the new Texas Republic.
Now he has recessitated another antebellum idea that was floating around in the South before the civil war, that is, invading Mexico. In the mid 19th century many southern firebrands dreamed of a slave republic possibly stretching down into South America. Of course following the conclusion of that war the United States did invade the country, in an action described by U.S. Grant as "The most unjust war ever waged by a stronger nation against a weaker one."
Last Thursday Perry said the U.S. might need to send U.S. troops to Mexico to prosecute the drug war. He didn't mention that most of the guns used by the drug cartels come from Texas. Of course Perry isn't advocating the creation of a slave republic but his cavalier attitude towards a neighbor's territorial integrity is troubling.

Porfirio Diaz, a long time Mexican dictator who had formerly been one of Juarez's lieutenants, once said "Pobre Mexico. Mas cerca de los Estados Unidos. Mas lejos del Dios." ..."Poor Mexico, so close to the United States. So far from God."

Friday, November 19, 2010

These Men Think You Are Stupid!

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Jon Kyl declared that the Senate was too busy right now to have a vote on the new START Treaty which cuts missile stockpiles for both Russia and the US.
This is a goal long pursued by past Presidents, Republican and Democrat, and was finally agreed to by both nations.
Of Course it must be ratified in the Senate which has been the place where Republicans, using every stalling tactic and trick in the book, have vowed to bring down President Obama.
Once Republicans urged support of G.W. Bush policies in the two wars now ongoing "to support our troops."
Now they seem to have forgotten about that notion. Russia is allowing supplies and war materiel to cross its borders as NATO maintains its forces engaged there. A setback in relations with Russia could endanger this arrangement.

Jon Kyl and Mitch McConnell take the top prize in hypocrisy and pure political posturing.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Budget Hawks, GOP Deficit Bulls, Hit Most Vulnerable

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

More BS From G.W. !

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G.W. Bush's book is now out in publication and of course ole G.W. is on the circuit pushing his new book. A while back he had mentioned he was working on the book, "A whole lot of y'all think I can't read. Well it might surprise y'all that I am writing a book!" It would be a surprise alright but of course G.W. did not really write his tome, no more than did Sarah Palin write hers. If you are famous enough, along with being near illiterate, you can get your book "ghost written" for you by a real writer. In Palin's case that fact was not acknowledged. I don't know yet about Bush's book but his ghost writer is known, he is a certain Christopher Michel who served on Bush's staff as a speechwriter.
I haven't read the book and I doubt I will. I don't usually like to comment on books I haven't read but in this case I will make an exception.
He told Matt Lauer the darkest point of his presidency, as revealed in his book, was when Kanye West said that "George W. Bush doesn't like black people." That tells you all you need to know about this man who is clueless, vain, arrogant, un-curious, uninformed and so out of touch with the lives regular people live.
That was his lowest point, not Katrina, not 9/11, not the two wars he started, not the economy he wrecked, not the degradation of America's standing internationally. I would say his election, remember how that came about, was a low point but it went downhill from there!