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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Remember Reddy Kilowatt?

Remember Reddy Kilowatt? I guess only some of us "older" folks remember Reddy. Ole Reddy was a cartoon symbol promoting electric power when I was growing up. Strange as it may seem today there were still many rural areas not served by electric power. In those days paying for electric power was not a big concern, the bills were nothing like they are now, even when adjusted for inflation.
Reddy was a friendly figure, reflecting the good feelings people felt about all the new appliances and gadgets run on electricity.
Boy are things different today! Electric rates are out the roof! De-regulation of electric power has been a miserable failure. Many so-called "power" companies are nothing but unnecessary middle men who produce no power and maintain no lines for transmission of power. The so-called competition deregulation was suppose to provide has failed to materialize and the result is a confusing mishmash of providers, slow repair and maintenace of power lines and no increase in construction of new power plants.
What's the solution? Perhaps every municipality, metro area and rural district should have their own power generation plants which are treated as a public utility in a private-public venture. A universal power grid could still be maintained so areas with shortages could get electricty from outside their district if necessary.
The free market system does not work well in the electric business. Rates need to be set and controlled and concern needs to be given to poor and elderly, middle class families now suffering from financial strain and small businesses and others straining to pay the exorbitant power bills.
Electric power is a necessity not an option and thus should be provided to all affordably, efficiently and outside the profit taking and vagaries of the free market.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tom Craddick; A Modern "Napoleon of the West!"

"Ambition is never content,even on the summit of greatness." Napoleon Bonaparte

The state legislature of Texas ended the current session with members of both the Republican and Democrat parties frustrated with their attempts to unseat the autocratic and dictatorial Tom Craddick,(R)Midland, as the Speaker of the House.
Craddick has thwarted all attempts to bring his continued role as Speaker to a vote.
It is sad that political observer Molly Ivins is not around to offer her humorous but pointed comment on the Texas "lege" as she derisively called it. She is missed!
Unless a special session is called, which seems unlikely, further attempts to unseat Craddick will have to wait. You can bet there will be some fevered behind the scenes activity before the next session!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Junkets Continue In New Congress

The following is a letter I sent to my Congressman, Solomon Ortiz today,5-22-07
Congressman Ortiz has been a well traveled junketeer during his tenure as our Congressman.

Dear Congressman Ortiz,
I hope you are well and that the remainder of 2007 is a good year for you and all of us.
I am concerned about "business as usual."
When Speaker Pelosi took her historic position as the first woman Speaker of the House she reiterated what had been the campaign pledge that "Congress would do things differently" than had been done during the painful years of the Republican controlled Congress.
I am sad to say that pledge has been at the least tarnished so far in the new Congress.
For the past two days the news reports have been full of stories of various committee charmen, all Democrats now, making what can only be described as junkets, on military aircraft at public expense, to exotic Caribbean locales in the name of "homeland security."
This must stop. The public expects better. Instead of "doing things differently" it seems to be more like "business as usual."
If Congress cannot address the real issues before us and be seen to get down to business, instead of continuing with the long established accommodation to special interests, the Democrats will soon be a minority again and another Republican will take office as President in 2008.
I am counting on you to break out of the mold and bring real reform into Congress and to move the Democrats forward in a positive way towards finding ways to improve our environment, education, security and economy. In other words do the things expected by your constituents and be less influenced by big money special interests.
Thanks for your consideration,
Dicky Neely


Monday, May 21, 2007

Time For GOP To Jump Ship?

Flash!! Bush Administration Places Priority On Climate Change!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Commander Guy!

President Bush recently held a press conference in which he scolded Congress for attempting to exercise their constitutional war making powers. He and other Presidents have used dubious "authorizations" to justify their use of armed force without declaring war, which only Congress has the power to do.
He coyly referred to himself saying "I'm the Commander Guy!"

Sunday, May 13, 2007

G.W. Greets The Queen!

President Bush was at his best when the Queen of England paid a visit. He told her he remembered when she was here back in "1776." He said he was the "black sheep of the family."
He winked at her and received an icy stare, to which he repied "She gave me a look only a mother could give!" Yes, a very disgusted mother!
The Queen was regal and patient and endured it all.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Iraq Troop Surge Swamped!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Worse President In U.S. History!

G.W. Bush is the worse President in U.S. History.
He has done so much damage to our country, our image and relationships overseas, to the state of the world environment, to our political discourse and on and on. It will take at least a generation to just get back to where we were before this tragi-comic figure was illegally foisted to the position he now holds.
He has wrecked the Republican party and has splintered it between radical right wing religious, neo-fascist authoritarian and corporate interests.
He has nearly crippled the Army and our military with his ill-planned, illegal war in Iraq. He has appointed un-qualified political hacks, big campaign contributors and representatives of the industries that are being regulated to key government positions and cabinet posts. Corruption and scandal have been rife. Civil liberties and the gurantees of the Constitution have been infringed. He has used illegal surveillance on Americans and has allowed the use of torture in interrogations.
Dennis Kucinich is right to introduce articles of impeachment against Vice-President Dick Cheney. If Bush were to be impeached first then Cheney would be President! Horrors!
This is a sad and disgraceful chapter in our history!