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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Antonin Scalia; "Get Over it!"

Justice Antonin Scalia is once again demonstrating his arrogance and disregard for the basic tenets of law and democracy.
Speaking to CBS’ Leslie Stahl, in an interview to be aired tomorrow on 60 Minutes, Scalia dismisses those who still point to the 2000 election as an electoral miscarriage. His comment to those folks; “Get over it!”
As far as "Getting over it!" goes, it would be a hell of a lot easier to "get over it" if we had not for the last eight years, been saddled with the disastrous, failed presidency of George The Incompetent and his corrupt administration!
He then erroneously blames the Gore camp for sending the election to the courts when in actuality it was Bush’s backers that first turned to the legal system in the 2000 election.
"It was Al Gore who made it a judicial question…. We didn’t go looking for trouble. It was he who said, 'I want this to be decided by the courts,'" says Scalia.
Scalia is wrong, as usual!
Former Secretary of State James Baker filed a suit in federal court on Saturday, Nov. 11, 2000, to block Gore's request for a hand recount.
The following is a chronology of the legal actions that followed;
Saturday, Dec. 9—The U.S. Supreme Court votes 5–4 to halt the hand recounts and sets a hearing for Dec. 11.
Florida Supreme Court hears appeal on whether absentee ballots in Martin and Seminole counties should be counted.
Tuesday, Dec. 12—The U.S. Supreme Court rules in Bush v. Gore 7–2 to reverse the Florida Supreme Court, which had ordered manual recounts in certain counties. The Court contends that the recount was not treating all ballots equally, and was thus a violation of the Constitution's equal protection and due process guarantees. The Supreme Court of Florida would be required to set up new voting standards and carry them out in a recount. The justices, however, split 5–4 along partisan lines about implementing a remedy. Five justices maintain that this process and the recount must adhere to the official deadline for certifying electoral college votes: midnight, Dec. 12; other justices question the importance of this date. Since the Court makes its ruling just hours before the deadline, it in effect ensures that it is too late for a recount. The decision generates enormous controversy. Those objecting to the ruling assert that the Supreme Court, and not the electorate, has effectively determined the outcome of the presidential election. As Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg writes in a scathing dissent, “the Court’s conclusion that a constitutionally adequate recount is impractical is a prophecy the Court’s own judgment will not allow to be tested. Such an untested prophecy should not decide the Presidency of the United States.”
Wednesday, Dec. 13—In another decision, Florida Supreme Court decides not to hear an appeal from Gore asking that absentee ballots from Martin and Seminole counties be thrown out.
In televised speeches, Gore concedes, and Bush accepts the presidency.
Monday, Dec. 18—Electoral college representatives meet in state capitals and cast votes to select president.
Wednesday, Jan. 5—Congress meets to tally electoral college results.
Saturday, Jan. 20—George W. Bush sworn in as 43rd president of the United States.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hillary And Bill Looking Ahead...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hillary As "Rocky!"

Hillary often used the comparison between herself and "Rocky" as she swigged beer and whiskey while she campaigned in Pennsylvania.
This daughter of a wealthy family, Ivy Leaguer has been painting herself as "one of you."
Well, a win is a win, and she won in Pennsylvania. Though, like Rocky, she was hardly the underdog there and Obama did cut considerably into her former 22 point lead.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hillary's Lament!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Air Marshalls Training Lagging News Reports Say

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sign Of The Times!

How high will gas be this summer? While gas prices continue to set new records, helping to fuel recession in the United States and around the world, big oil sets record profits once again. Is there a breaking point that will force people to drive less? Will we get serious about alternate energy sources and a whole new set of problems that might pose?
I guess we'll see!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

McCain Endorses Neely Economic Stimulus Plan!

John McCain, speaking in Pittsburgh on April 15, TAX Day as it is widely known, announced his economic plan.
His plan, as he enumerated it, consists of mostly minor remedies of dubious value and making the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy permanent.
However there was a new wrinkle there, he proposed that the federal government should put in place a federal tax holiday for the three summer months.
He called for a suspension of the 18.4 cent federal gas tax and
24.4 cent diesel tax from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
He also called for the United States to stop increasing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve which he says would diminish the demand for oil and reduce prices. The part about using the reserves to reduce the price of oil is the one of his more dubious ideas.
But the gas tax holiday is a great idea.
This an idea I had myself last January. My plan would have had the states put in place a similar gas tax holiday. I sent the idea to most of the major U.S. newspapers, TV political commentators, our local daily newspaper, the Democratic National Committee, many senators, congressmen and state representatives and just about anyone i thought might be interested. I had no replies from any of them.
I sent my idea to the editor of our local independent newspaper We The People and the online progressive newsletter We Magazine. Both of these publications printed it.
Here is my article:

Thursday, January 17, 2008
An Idea For A Quick Cash Infusion Into A Sick Economy

By Dicky Neely

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke was on TV today sounding a cautious note. "Recently, incoming information has suggested that the baseline outlook for real activity in 2008 has worsened and that the downside risks to growth have become more pronounced…I agree fiscal action could be helpful in principle,” said Bernanke.
Many economists, in and out of government, are much less optimistic than Bernanke and either forecast impending recession or say we are beginning one already. Nearly all are in agreement the economy is in need of a quick fix of cash, out in circulation, buying and selling things.
Many ideas are being floated such as rebates and, of course, tax cuts.
So far the type of tax cuts most favored by the Bush administration are income tax cuts which have primarily benefited the upper levels of income. Some studies indicate little of that money found its way directly into the economy.
There is a way to make a tax cut that will have a nearly instant impact and will also immediately work to bring down inflation.
The Federal and State governments could declare a gasoline tax holiday for an indefinite period. This would result in an immediate result, the first time someone fills their tank they would save a considerable amount, The average savings would be around 42.8 cents per gallon. That would add up, if you bought ten gallons that means $4.28 that stays in your pocket. (These price figures are from a website, http://www.gaspricewatch.com/usgastaxes.asp and are from 2005, updated figures would likely mean a higher savings.) This would require no new bureaucracy, no applications, no forms, no paper work and would keep your money right in your own pocket to do with it what you will.
If the gasoline tax vacation was continued for, say, six months or more it would likely have a huge, beneficial effect on inflation.
This is a simple, doable idea and one well worth considering.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hillary Belts Whiskey, Beer In Pennsylvania

Hillary is campaigning in Pennsylvania. She has been visitng bars and belting down some whiskey and beer in order to prove she is one of the "common" folk.
The long anticipated Clinton tax returns were just released and they reveal that the Clintons are very wealthy and have a huge potential for future income. Nothing unusual about that, there are many examples of politicians who were not wealthy when they entered public life but sure were when they left it!
It is extremely ironic that she is trying to paint Obama with the elitist label. That's the pot calling the kettle black, so to speak!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

John Yoo; Iraq War Enabler

A recently disclosed memo from the Justice Department in 2003 authorized the use of torture during interrogation of those deemed “enemy combatants.”
The author of this memo was John Yoo, a Justice Department lawyer at the time, who went on to outline many extreme torture techniques that could be allowed if “authorized” by the President. According to Yoo’s reasoning if it’s OK with the President, then it’s legal. Yoo described his logic as “boilerplate,” meaning there was no room for argument.
The Bush administration’s other prime enablers, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove et al, seized on this as a means to further their primary concept of the “Imperial Presidency.”
This line of reasoning seems to be in complete opposition with the ideals of rule of law and the notion that America is different from those ruled my military dictatorships and other brutal regimes.
Yoo is now safely ensconced as a law professor at the University of California Berkeley, of all places!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Clintons...Being "Clintonesque!"