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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Glenn Beck; A Hybrid Of Ernst Rohm, Josef Goebbels

Glenn Beck continues to be an irresponsible and hateful force in order to scare the paranoid masses of the right. Beck is among those who alternately throws out labels of “fascist” or “socialist” at those he hates.
When Beck spoke at the recent CPAC in Washington, DC, he stoked the fires of the gathered tea baggers with some of the most hateful invective heard lately. He seems to be calling for an American pogrom against those he considers not to be among the “real” Americans, ala Sarah Palin.
Beck, the perennial buffoon, had his familiar chalkboard and while scratching upon it and sputtering hate he described progressivism,
"This is the disease," he said. "Progressivism is the cancer in America and it's eating our Constitution, and it was designed to eat the Constitution, to progress past the Constitution."
According to Beck the only difference between a communist and a progressive is that communists seize power through revolution and progressives through evolution.
"We don't want to evolve. It's big government. It's a socialist utopia. We need to address it as if it is a cancer. It must be cut out of the system because they can not coexist. … You must eradicate it," Beck told the cheering crowd of so called conservatives.
It is common, and a bit tiresome, to make comparisons to Nazis and communists with modern political parties, groups or politicians but it is unavoidable with Glenn Beck. Beck is much like a combination of Ernst Rohm, the head of the SA, Hitler’s Brown Shirts and Josef Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda.
The SA were basically a group of thugs Hitler used in the early 30’s as the Nazis intimidated their way to power. When their usefulness was done Hitler had Rohm killed and the SA was eliminated.
Here is what Wikipedia says about Goebbels.
Goebbels used modern propaganda techniques to psychologically prepare the German people for aggressive war and the annihilation of civilian populations. Among other propaganda devices, he accused many of Germany's ethnic and national minorities (such as the Poles, the Jews, the French) of trying to destroy Germany, claiming that Germany's belligerent actions were taken in self-defense.
"That propaganda is good which leads to success, and that is bad which fails to achieve the desired result," he wrote. "It is not propaganda’s task to be intelligent, its task is to lead to success."[
He openly acknowledged that he was exploiting the lowest instincts of the German people – racism, xenophobia, class envy and insecurity. He could, he said, play the popular will like a piano, leading the masses wherever he wanted them to go. "He drove his listeners into ecstasy, making them stand up, sing songs, raise their arms, repeat oaths – and he did it, not through the passionate inspiration of the moment, but as the result of sober psychological calculation."[21]

Friday, February 26, 2010

Rush Limbaugh On "Feminism"

Rush Limbaugh once made the statement that "feminism was established to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream."

I guess that such a concept must include “masculinism” which must be in play in an equal manner concerning Rush Limbaugh.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Interesting Stats From Bureau Of Labor Statistics

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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Far Right Is Attempting To Foil The Census

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Some of the Tea Baggers and far right Repugs have been attempting to convince people not to fill out the census. They have made many strange claims, such as it is un-constitutional. This is ridiculous, especially since it plainly states in the U.S. Constitution that the census "...shall be taken every ten years."
These hysterical people fear the census will erode their power in light of a growing non-white population in the United States.
Of course any person who is knowlegeable about politics and government knows the importance of a near as correct as possible census count. It determines the number of elected representatives in state legislatures and in the U.S. House, it influences the distribution of state and federal services and a number of other things.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Richard Shelby, R. Alabama, "Poster Child Of What's Wrong In Congress!"

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Senator Richard Shelby, R. Alabama, has often shown himself to be a huge hypocrite and he just did it again.
Shelby issued holds in the Senate on 70 Obama nominations
to, as he put it, "Get Obama's attention."
Shelby is pushing for a new military air tanker to be built by an EU company with facilities in Alabama and for a new "intelligence center" also to be placed in his state.
In other words, pure pork barrell!
Of course Republicans, Shelby among them, screamed to the high heavens about the deal President Obama made with Sen. Ben Nelson for his vote on health care.
Shelby has a history of extreme partisanship, obstructionism and just plain mean spiritedness!
For more see below:

Alabama senator drops some job holds, keeps others - washingtonpost.com

Tuesday, February 9, 2010; 9:48 AM
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Senator Richard Shelby has released his "holds" on more
than 40 of President Barack Obama's nominees for top government jobs, but is
maintaining them on three nominees related to a big Air Force acquisition.
Shelby's use of the legislative tactic drew fire from the White House and senior
Democratic lawmakers last week, with White House spokesman Robert Gibbs calling
it "the poster child for how this town needs to change the way it works."
Shelby, a Republican from Alabama, dropped most of the holds on Monday, said his
spokesman, Jonathan Graffeo.
"The purpose of placing numerous holds was to get the White House's attention on
two issues that are critical to our national security -- the Air Force's aerial
refueling tanker acquisition and the FBI's Terrorist Device Analytical Center
(TEDAC)," he said.
"With that accomplished, Sen. Shelby has decided to release his holds on all but
a few nominees directly related to the Air Force tanker acquisition."
Graffeo also rejected the White House's characterization of the Air Force tanker
competition or the FBI explosives center as earmarks. Shelby wants both the
tanker and the center to be built in Alabama.
"Sen. Shelby is not seeking to determine the outcome of the competition; he is
seeking to ensure an open, fair and transparent competition that delivers the
best equipment to our men and women in uniform," Graffeo said. He said Shelby's
concerns were fully justified given the history of the tanker acquisition.
The Air Force said on Monday that it would issue final terms soon, but not
before February 23, for its third attempt to begin replacing its aging fleet of
KC-135 refueling planes.
Northrop Grumman Corp and its European partner, EADS, won a projected $35
billion deal in February 2008 to build 179 refueling tankers for the Air Force
and planned to assemble the A330-based planes in Mobile, Alabama.
The Pentagon canceled the deal in late 2008 after government auditors upheld a
protest by losing bidder Boeing.
Congress killed an earlier Air Force sole-source plan to lease and buy 100
Boeing 767-based tankers.
Northrop reiterated on Monday that it would not bid in the current competition
unless the Air Force significantly changes a draft request for proposals that
the company and its backers say is skewed to favor Boeing's smaller 767 tanker.
Shelby's office said he would maintain holds on three nominations -- Terry
Yonkers as assistant secretary of the Air Force; Frank Kendall, principal deputy
undersecretary of Defense for acquisition, technology, and logistics; and Erin
Conaton, undersecretary of the Air Force -- until the final terms were issued.
Senator Jeff Sessions also maintains holds on two of those nominations: Kendall,
a former Raytheon Co executive, and Conaton, a top adviser to House Armed
Services Committee Chairman Ike Skelton, said his spokeswoman, Sarah Haley.
(Reporting by Andrea Shalal-Esa; Editing by Lisa Von Ahn)

Obama's Choices In Poisonus Political Climate

President Obama is under constant attack from the left and the right in today's poisonous political climate.
He must be doing something right!
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Monday, February 08, 2010

Miranda Decision Once Again Target Of Conservative Scorn

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Once again some short term political gain seekers have
used the Miranda Decision as a vehicle to score political
points by the implication that using the Federal Court system,
and following the law concerning the Miranda Warning is
somehow being soft on terrorism.

Sarah Plain And Tall (And Stupid)

Sarah Palin is now one of those, (gasp!) celebrities she used to scorn. It was ironic how the Tea Bagger Convention opening speaker Tom Tancredo, a former Congressman and still a racist bigot, mocked people with poor English skills. One wonders if Sarah Palin will ever learn English.

Sarah's new 'do and duds look as though she is now in full celeb' mode. So much for her supposed ordinary American street 'cred!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Some In Supreme Court Get Their New Corporate Robes

This is a pic someone sent me from the web. It tells the story well.
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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Republicans See Their Shadow, At Least Six More Weeks Of Obstructionism!

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Monday, February 01, 2010

Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

Those laughable, lovable Republicans!

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