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Friday, April 27, 2007

Rush Limbaugh Is A Neo-Fascist Sleaze Bag!

Rush’s Hateful Talk Show

Rush Limbaugh say’s he’s a conservative
But that’s not what I think he is.
He calls strong women “femi-nazis”
It’s a strange, sick world he sees.

Rush’s hateful talk show
Plays daily on the radio
Rush says “liberal” with contempt
But he’s a slick talking wimp.

An icon of far right fantasy
Full of right wing hypocrisy!
I heard his show, just a sample,
Conservative? He’s a bloviated example.

A "Halfrican-American," he called Barak Obama.
Rush didn’t learn any manners from his mama!
"Barack the Magic Negro" Is a song played on his show
Bad taste, racist and vulgar, how could Rush go so low?

Free speech is not the issue, he has a right to say what he pleases.
But a radio network has a right to get rid of these low down sleazes.
But don’t expect to see Rush get canned from his show
His network likes it cause it makes them so much dough!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fossil Fuels...It's Time For Something Else!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

John McCain Should Keep His Day Job...

Bush Says He Stands Behind Attorney General Gonzales

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Some Say Bush 'Dis-connected' from Reality...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Imus Is An Idiot!

Don Imus has once again proved he is a bitter, egotistical, arrogant idiot!
The Rutgers womens team and their coach held a news conference today. Their remarks and poise in this ugly situation clearly demonstrated who the real "'ho'" is in this situation.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Manatees May Be Removed From Endangered List

Manatees may be removed from the endangered species list according to a story released today(Monday, April 9,2007) by the AP.
A memo from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service sent to the White House suggests that the manatees in Florida waters have rebounded enough to be removed from the endangered species list. (See the AP story below.)
Frankly, this is a suspicious move. It is very likely, nay a near certainty, that the real reason behind such a move would be to free the now protected manatee habitat for development.
Less than three thousand manatees now exist in Florida waters and they are constantly in danger from water craft, pollution and mindless poaching.
The Bush administration is certainly going to favor big time developers over the environment when conflicts occur.

Updated:2007-04-09 11:26:48
Manatees Could Lose 'Endangered' Status
MIAMI (April 9) - The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service might reclassify the manatee as threatened instead of endangered, a move suggesting the marine mammal has rebounded from the brink of extinction, according to an internal memo obtained by The Washington Post.
The March 26 memo says Florida manatees are showing positive growth and adult survival rates, the Post reported Monday.
The agency plans to say that the manatee "no longer meets the definition of an endangered species," according to the memo, which was sent to the White House.
Threatened species are still protected under the federal Endangered Species Act.
Endangered means an animal is at a foreseeable risk of extinction. Threatened means a species could become endangered if protections are not maintained.
Chuck Underwood, a spokesman with the agency's Jacksonville office, told the Post the memo was drafted after a review of the manatee's progress, and government officials have not made a final decision on the issue yet.
"Until it gets final signatures on it, it could change," Underwood said. "It is an internal document. ... Is it the way we're going at the time? Yes. Is it also possible it could change? Yes."
An Associated Press call seeking more comment from the agency's Jacksonville office was not immediately returned.
This year's annual manatee census recorded 2,812 of the animals, also known as sea cows, in Florida water. Last year, scientists found 3,116.
In 1991 - the survey's first year - 1,267 manatees were counted in the state.
Patrick Rose, executive director of the Save the Manatee Club, said a classification switch could mean changes in boating and development restrictions that were established to protect manatees.
"This is not the time to be moving to say that they're going to be downlisting (the manatees) and then dilute the protection for them," Rose said.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission voted last year to change the manatee's status from endangered to threatened.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

McCain's Walk

Recently presidential hopeful Republican Senator John McCain stated that in the wake of the recent "surge" ordered by President Bush it was now safe for an American to go for a stroll in Baghdad outside the "Green Zone."
This statement was greeted with skepticism and even some hilarity. Incensed, McCain set out to prove he was right. He went to Baghdad and took his walk to a well known market which had been hit by bombs on at least one occasion. He then said that proved he was right in his assertion.
He failed to mention the he was wearing a bullet proof vest and was surrounded by a cordon of armed U.S troops, armor and helicopter gunships which accompanied him.