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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Junkets Continue In New Congress

The following is a letter I sent to my Congressman, Solomon Ortiz today,5-22-07
Congressman Ortiz has been a well traveled junketeer during his tenure as our Congressman.

Dear Congressman Ortiz,
I hope you are well and that the remainder of 2007 is a good year for you and all of us.
I am concerned about "business as usual."
When Speaker Pelosi took her historic position as the first woman Speaker of the House she reiterated what had been the campaign pledge that "Congress would do things differently" than had been done during the painful years of the Republican controlled Congress.
I am sad to say that pledge has been at the least tarnished so far in the new Congress.
For the past two days the news reports have been full of stories of various committee charmen, all Democrats now, making what can only be described as junkets, on military aircraft at public expense, to exotic Caribbean locales in the name of "homeland security."
This must stop. The public expects better. Instead of "doing things differently" it seems to be more like "business as usual."
If Congress cannot address the real issues before us and be seen to get down to business, instead of continuing with the long established accommodation to special interests, the Democrats will soon be a minority again and another Republican will take office as President in 2008.
I am counting on you to break out of the mold and bring real reform into Congress and to move the Democrats forward in a positive way towards finding ways to improve our environment, education, security and economy. In other words do the things expected by your constituents and be less influenced by big money special interests.
Thanks for your consideration,
Dicky Neely



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