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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Worse President In U.S. History!

G.W. Bush is the worse President in U.S. History.
He has done so much damage to our country, our image and relationships overseas, to the state of the world environment, to our political discourse and on and on. It will take at least a generation to just get back to where we were before this tragi-comic figure was illegally foisted to the position he now holds.
He has wrecked the Republican party and has splintered it between radical right wing religious, neo-fascist authoritarian and corporate interests.
He has nearly crippled the Army and our military with his ill-planned, illegal war in Iraq. He has appointed un-qualified political hacks, big campaign contributors and representatives of the industries that are being regulated to key government positions and cabinet posts. Corruption and scandal have been rife. Civil liberties and the gurantees of the Constitution have been infringed. He has used illegal surveillance on Americans and has allowed the use of torture in interrogations.
Dennis Kucinich is right to introduce articles of impeachment against Vice-President Dick Cheney. If Bush were to be impeached first then Cheney would be President! Horrors!
This is a sad and disgraceful chapter in our history!


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