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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Duped And The Duplicitous!

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The GOP is still the party of no. They are following Jim "Demented" Demint's admonition concerning health care reform being President Obama's Waterloo. They have opposed every policy and program proposed by the President, regardless of whether or not it hurts America. They have refused to participate in serious discussion and then they cry that they have been "excluded" from these discussions.
The only apparent interest the Republicans have is bringing down Obama and regaining power.
The Republicans are becoming a party of the duped and the duplicitous. For example the duped include those who support Sarah Palin for high office because they believe in her and the duplicitous are those who support her while knowing she is totally unqualified to be any sort of political leader or office holder while they hope to use her to get back in power.


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