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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh; Hateful Words On Haiti

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Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh have outdone themselves with their hateful, ignorant remarks concerning the disaster in Haiti.
Robertson said that Haiti had made a "pact with the devil" in order to gain independence from the French early in the 19th century. "That's a true story" he said and that "being cursed by the devil" is responsible for Haiti's long history of poverty, dictatorships and disasters. This is the latest in a long string of incredibly stupid things he has said about past events.
Limbaugh said that Obama's strong response to the disaster is so he can gain some "cred" with "both black and light skinned African Americans."
It certainly didn't take long for these TV right wing extremists to try to use a horrible, tragic event for their own crass purposes.
I guess these are some of the guys who represent the "Real Americans!"


At 12:13 PM , Anonymous Preston said...

The only good thing about bigots is on account of their inbreeding they will ultimately die out, but these two should real slither back under the rock they share.


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