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Saturday, December 22, 2007

NFL Too Greedy!

I am a native Texan and like many others I am a life long football fan, especially a Dallas Cowboys fan. I am really outraged about the battle between the NFL, Jerry Jones and the cable and satellite networks.
This battle of the billionaires sickens me. I am a good ole boy of modest means, living on Social Security disability and just barely scraping along financially and now, because of sheer greed and a power struggle me and millions others like me have already been deprived of one big game, Cowboys v Packers, but tonight, Saturday Dec. 22, we will lose another game to the NFL network.
Will the Cowboys turn around following their last game? Will Tony Romo’s thumb be a problem? Will Romo’s girlfriend be allowed anywhere near the stadium?
I wont be able to watch and see tonight.
I can’t express strongly enough how outraged I am about this! How dare Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, charge us more money than we already have to pay for cable to see games that, until now have almost always been available for free, on the public airwaves, which the public, that is all of us, has never charged them for their use.
The Cowboys, the NFL, Jerry Jones and all the rest make tons of money from the games, merchandise and all the other things they do. Now they want more! Now they want to control an entire NFL network which will likely, in time, become the only place to see NFL games and it will probably go to an entirely pay per view system.
I think it is time to step in on the state and federal level and protect the sports fans. Jerry Jones and the NFL are nothing but greedy for more money, more power and now more control. They want to stick it to the average football fan so all of these millionaire players and billionaire owners can get a bigger piece of the pie! I say no way. Let’s put an end to this right now!
I have written letters to state and federal legislators and my local newspaper but I will miss tonight’s game none the less!


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