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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bush: Anti Science, Anti Humanity!

pic: Bush at the recent G8 summit where he made America proud by talking shit!

Bush: Two Firsts For Administration
President G.W. Bush cast the first veto in six years of his administtration today. What onerous piece of special interest legislation did he protect us from?
Why he vetoed the new legislation enabling new lines of embryonic stem cells to be created to be used in research to help find cures and treatments for some of the worst afflictions which haunt mankind.
In spite of appeals from leading Republican icons such as Nancy Reagan and Utah Senator Orrin Hatch bush instead took the counsel of right whackos like Sam Brownback maintaining that using these embryos was the moral equivalent of murdering a human being! This is pandering, pure and simple, to the far right extremists in his party, solidifying his base at a time when his falling poll numbers threaten Republican chances in the coming off year elections. This was a disgraceful display of politics interfering with life saving research!
The other first for the administration came earlier this week when Bush's office announced, for the first time, that the President would address the annual NAACP convention. This is something he had refused to do so far. Now it seems the GOP movers and thinkers, (Bush is not one these!) are now willing to look in places for votes they had previously written off.

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