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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rush Limpaugh Is A Big Fat Hypocrite!

Ole Rush is having a hissy fit about the New York Times story on the way the finances of terrorists is targeted for investigation as a way to follow up leads on their organization. The story was based on "classified" information leaked to the press. Of course the leakers aren't important. The far right would much rather go after one of their favorite "BoogeyMen," The New York Times.
Having a hissy fit is one thing the GOPers' are good at.
For Rush it is a welcome diversion to the fact he was caught with an illegal prescription as he returned from the Dominican Republic on his private jet.
He doesn't want to answer questions about what he might have been doing there or about possible probation violations! His lawyer, Roy Black, says Rush used a false name on the prescription to "protect his privacy." On his own private jet?
The Congressional Republicans are incensed over the leaking and publication of a story that hasn't told anyone anything that wasn't already public knowledge. Their hyperbole is truly breathtaking!
For the GOP a hissy fit is what they think will divert the public's attention from their abyssmal poll numbers and their inept handling of everthing under the sun!
They just finished one failed diversionary tactic, the flag burning amendment. What's next? What else will this do nothing Republican congress waste their time on?


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