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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Worst President In US History!

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When the Bush administration came into power, after what amounted to a bloodless coup and a mockery of American democracy, they demonstrated their future foreign policy direction by provoking a confrontation with China.
During the campaign Bush and his mouth pieces savaged Bill Clinton and his record as weak, indecisive, inept and quick to cave in when things go bad. They said a Bush administration would not be into nation building and sending troops abroad.
Bush strutted into office with a muy macho attitude. There was a new sheriff in town! Soon after he issued his axis of evil utterances, naming Iraq, Iran and North Korea as the face of all that was bad in the world. Of course this set off cries of outrage from these nations and a few others. Look, these were pretty rotten regimes and who was going to stand up for them in U.S. politics? Of course, no one would dare challenge this stupid pronouncement in this country because of politically induced meekness.
Things bumped along for a while, eventually the Supreme Court verified the contested election results, and Bush and his far right supporters then looked ahead towards fulfilling their agenda.
There is no need to relate the rest of this sorry story here. I have no doubt that any who might read this are well informed and have their own opinions.
The fact is this administration has set the U.S. and the world back in so many negative ways it will take years to ever get back to where we were as far as peace, international relations, the environment, justice, fair elections, fighting corruption in government and business, religious freedom and tolerance, separation of church and state, following the intent of the Constitution and a host of other items.
Bush will go down in history as the worst ever president. His administration will be looked at as the most corrupt and the Republican leadership that continues to support him will pay a price.



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