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Thursday, April 06, 2006

John McCain Kissin' Up To Jerry Fallwell

Senator John McCain, (R. Arizona,) used to have a reputation as a
maverick, a man who spoke his mind and staked out his own position, even if it was not in agreement with policies put forth by the White House or the Republican Congressional leadership. Apparently there has been a change of heart for the ambitious Senator. Senator McCain once, correctly, described Jerry Falwell as one of the "agents of intolerance" on the religious right.Now it seems McCain has had a change of heart. He is pandering to the far right as his presidential campaign draws near. McCain now thinks he needs this support to gain the nomination. He may have some problems, in spite of his wooing of Falwell and others . "Everybody understands, he hates the Christian right. That's a real problem," says Paul Weyrich, head of the Free Congress Foundation. When asked if McCain has been successful in reaching out to religious conservatives Lou Sheldon, founder of the Traditional Values Coalition, replied "I don't see bridges, I see road blocks."



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