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Friday, March 31, 2006

Minutemen; A Bad Idea

Hysteria and Fear Will Not Solve Illegal Immigration Problems

As mid-term congressional elections and state elections approach the issue of illegal immigration is being used as a hot button issue.

Once again The Minutemen are planning on patrolling sections of the U.S. and Mexican border.

This is an unwelcome and dangerous development. The Minutemen are basically an armed vigilante group, untrained in law enforcement or legal procedures. They are not the answer for the illegal immigration problems.

Many politicians, editorialists and news commentators, especially from the right, are happily whipping up hysteria and fear on this issue in order to enhance their election chances, ratings and fund raising. This is an issue that requires a calm, and incisive approach and a recognition of the realities of the issue. An estimated 10 million illegal aliens cannot be jailed or deported without economic and societal disruptions.

A Minutemen group is heading to South Texas where I live and that idea is not being well received by many local residents. There is no doubt there is a strong element of racism running through the movement and a potential exists for violence.

One of the leaders of a Minuteman group is a misfit named Chris Simcox. Simcox is a real whacko and reminds me very much of David Duke of Ku Klux Klan infamy.



At 9:37 PM , Blogger Stephen McArthur said...

How did a "good old boy" like you get to be so rational, reasonable and wise, anyway?


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