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Thursday, January 26, 2006

CNN Poll Gives Bush 58% Unfavorable Rating

According to a CNN poll announced today President Bush's disapproval rating is at 58%!
This indicates that most of the American people now recognize that the Bush presidency has been a disaster. Posted by Picasa


At 8:54 PM , Blogger Tina said...

Now if we could only get 58% of the American people to vote these asshats outta office, THEN I'd be impressed.

At 9:16 PM , Blogger Dicky Neely said...

We can hope for good results in the coming off-year elections.

At 3:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oui, la pr├ęsidence de Bush est un d├ęsastre : il est trop tard pour vous en apercevoir !!!
Il l'a voulait sa guerre en Irak, il l'a eue .....


At 3:47 PM , Blogger Dicky Neely said...

Thanks for your comment Cris. I don't understand French but I can understand the part about the Bush presidency "est un desastre.." and I firmly agree with that sentiment!


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