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Monday, January 23, 2006

More Orwellian Deception From White House

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The White House refuses to come clean on the domestic spying scandal.
On recent media outlets and in newspapers and magazines Bush spinners continue to pretend that administration critics are attempting to prevent intelligence gathering against terrorists. That is a false argument.
The objection is not spying but spying without a court order!

There is a mechanism in place to cover emrgency situations. The Foreign Intelligence and Surveilance Act permits a wiretap to be in place up to 72 hours before a warrant is issued and also makes it possible to get court approval for wiretaps as needed in certain future cases. In other words, if there is a suspicion a wiretap may be needed the court order can grant authority for it in advance to be used when needed. So there is no excuse to bypass the legal mechanisms. Instead in this, as in other situations, the Bush administration acts as if it is exempt from the law.
Not only is Karl Rove and other Bush spinners trying to obfuscate the issue they are trying to score political points by claiming their critics are soft on terrorism.
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