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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Twas The Night Before Indictments And All Through The House...

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“Why he gave it to us, we didn’t know. But You
May be sure there was no “Quid pro quo! ”
“We have strict rules about ethics and such.
The cost for us to break them? Oh not so much!”
“Need environmental exemption, more emissions per ton?
Just put a large sum of money in my re-election fund!”

A new round of corruption is ready to break
On the shores of the Potomac and the capitol lake.
Trips to the Bahamas and cash payments revealed
In exchange for laws with a higher cash yield.
A Beemer, a boat, maybe a trip to Las Vegas
This kind of graft is really outrageous.

These guys were smug,“They said man you can’t knock it
We have all these congressmen well in our pocket!”
They drove a brand new Lincoln or maybe a Lexus
They did as they pleased including redistricting Texas!
They passed out lots of money from homeland defense
But they spent it in places that didn’t make sense.

It got to be when a congressman wanted extra pay
He had to be willing to play ball with old Tom Delay
He could get what he wanted but he had to give in
And join in the game paying with the wages of sin.
When you see such shenanigans you then see just why
You always get the best Congress that money can buy!


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