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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Nagin Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot!

Nagin Says What....?

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Provides Another
Example Of Why Politics And Religion Shouldn’t Mix!

Speaking at an event honoring Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, January 16, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said that hurricanes Katrina and Rita and other storms were a sign that "God is mad at America"
He added that black communities were targeted also because of violence and political infighting.
"Surely God is mad at America. He sent us hurricane after hurricane after hurricane, and it's destroyed and put stress on this country,"
On a roll Nagin continued "Surely he doesn't approve of us being in Iraq under false pretenses. But surely he is upset at black America also. We're not taking care of ourselves."
Nagin then said that New Orleans will be a "chocolate" city again.
"It's time for us to come together. It's time for us to rebuild New Orleans. The one that should be a chocolate New Orleans," the mayor said.
"This city will be a majority African American city. It's the way God wants it to be. You can't have New Orleans no other way. It wouldn't be New Orleans."
Nagin said he imagined a conversation with Martin Luther King. "I said, `What is it going to take for us to move on and live your dream and make it a reality?' He said, `I don't think that we need to pay attention any more as much about other folks and racists on the other side.' He said, `The thing we need to focus on as a community – black folks I'm talking about - is ourselves.'"
Nagin said he also asked: "Why is black-on-black crime such an issue? Why do our young men hate each other so much that they look their brother in the face and they will take a gun and kill him in cold blood?"

Nagin said King answered "We as a people need to fix ourselves first."
These are noble sentiments expressed by Nagin but his kind of whacko persona surely will not help him in being taken seriously!


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