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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rep. Joe Wilson Removes All Doubt About GOP Civility!

Last night President Obama spoke to a joint session of Congress and to the American people as he attempted to lower the heat of the health care debate. As he pushed back against the many lies and distortions being perpetrated by the GOP he asked for a 'civil' debate. Fat chance! This idea was soon dispelled as Representative Joe Wilson, R, S.C., screamed "Liar!" at the President in an unprecedented show of disrespect, even for Congress.
The Democrats have the votes to push health care reform but they, unlike the Republicans, have never been a monolithic party. It is time for the Blue Dogs to get in gear and get this done, with or without any support from the Republicans.
Some Republicans in Congress have said if the Dems should do this it would mean war! Oh? As opposed to what is happening now?


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