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Friday, July 03, 2009

Sarah Palin To Resign As Governor Of Alaska

Sarah Palin announced today she planned to resign as Governor of Alaska on July 26, my birthday! What a present!
Of course there is no doubt that she is doing this to somehow enhance her plan to run for the Presidency in 2012. It's hard to see how this would help her chances with rational voters. Of course the term "rational" would not apply to those who would vote for her in the first place! She has just barely served half of her term as governor, and an extremely tarnished term it has been.
She was investigated for ethics violations such as "troopergate" and padding her expenses. Her daughter had a child out of wedlock and the child's father then battled with the Palins in the national media. Her husband was known to have been a member of an Alaska secessionist group for a few years and she addressed the group at least once. She at first turned down federal stimulus money but quickly reversed that stand as Alaskans raised their voices in protest of such a dumb move as the economy of Alaska, along with the rest of the country, suffered in the recession.
During the 2008 race, when she was John McCain's running mate, she is best remembered for her constant battle with foot-in-mouth disease and her alarming lack of knowledge or experience of things governmental, historical or political. Her expense account fiasco showed her to be arrogant, greedy and mean.
As I have said more than once, if Sarah Palin is the answer it is a mighty strange question!

For a fascinating take on Sarah Palin see this article in Vanity Fair:


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