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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Republican Party Sliding Further To The Right?

The Republican National Conference has passed and the Republicans made an extremely poor appearance. It was nearly laughable as they tried to come across as a serious political party but resembled more the Keystone Kops!
The whole Sarah Palin on again, off again, on again but don't let her speak thing was very impressive and should lay a solid foundation for this very confused and out of her league woman to launch her 2012 Presidential bid.
Newt Gingrich was also unimpressive. He seems more often than not to belie his reputation for his supposed smarts! His big applause getter was to proclaim how much better off the U.S. would be if the McCain-Palin ticket had won. Yes, let's imagine that for a second.
If McCain-Palin had of won Chrysler and GM would still have crashed, Wall Street would still have collapsed, credit and banking would have dried up, all of the jobs lost would still have been lost, and they would have done nothing but cluck cluck and say that the "free market" (which is an oxymoron) must be allowed to play out. It would be a much worse disaster.
And then there was Jon Voight and his disgusting speech. Texas Senator John Cornyn, another fine example of Republican brain power and empathy, referred to the Voight hate tirade as "...refreshing."
That was a good note to sound for the party that wants to be known as a more inclusive" party.
Yep, the Republicans are looking as if they are right on track. Or, more likely, on the "right wing" track!
On a side note; A Republican friend emailed me complaining about Obama and how he didn't want the government to own the auto makers and to be running the banks and financial houses.
I replied "As for the govenment owning everything, I don't want to see that either but I do want more oversight and regulatory enforcement of things such as banking, insurance, polluting industries,product safety and such things. Under Bush all of such oversight ceased and it was every corporation for itself and that is what put us where we are now.
It will take years to fix the things the Bush administration screwed up, and that's only as long as there is an administration with a will to do it."


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