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Saturday, June 20, 2009

John McCain Urges Open U.S. Support For Iran Protests

Johm McCain during the last election campaign demonstrating his grasp of diplomacy!

Once again John McCain is demonstrating how fortunate it was that Obama won the election instead of him.
McCain's recent remarks urging open U.S. support for the demonstrators in Tehran are so wrong headed and is such a bad idea it is breathtaking. The U.S. would make a huge mistake to be directly involved in Iran. That would solidify the present government and undermine the opposition.
Iranians are very familiar with how the former Shah came into power and who propped up his brutal and repressive regime.
Of course most Americans would hope the current regime could be overthrown but the U.S. must not be seen to be involved or the effort is doomed.
McCain has often shown he has not learned the lessons of history.


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