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Friday, March 30, 2007

Rovian Rap!

Recently Karl Rove performed his own version of a hip hop rap tune at the Washington Press Dinner. His performance was a little weak but should he decide to pursue a new career I thought I would help him out with a little rap.
Rovian Rap

I’m Karl Rove and I think I’m cool
I’m into politics I’m a Bushie fool.
Some think my means are crude
I work for the Prez and I’m his main dude!

I use swift boat tactics and dirty tricks
I can fight real dirty and get in my licks.
Don’t care if I lie to half the nation
As long as we have a victory celebration.

Gettin’ down and dirty don’t bother me none
Just as long as we git her done!
All that matters is money and power
I enjoy it when I got it, every hour.

Aint no place for a timid mouse
‘Be running things in the Bush White House.
With all the poll numbers down real low
I need to find another way to go.

A weak President just aint right
But we aint goin’ down without a fight.
Soon I will look ahead to 08
And I will help Jeb Bush to celebrate!




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