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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Alberto Gonzales; Another Political Hack InThe Bush Administration!

Alberto Gonzales has proven to be a very poor Attorney General. He is just another sad chapter in this failed administration. Below is a poem/song(?) which is a paean to Bush administration.

I’m A Political Hack Workin’ For The Prez!

Lately my office has come under attack
Those jackals in the press are on my back
Whistleblowers said things are all screwed up
And what’s more they say that I’m corrupt!

The President said I was doing a heck of a job
I was kissing his ass and polishing his knob!
I gave lots of dough for his election campaign
Now I’m collectin’ mine on the gravy train!

So some of my work is called sub-standard
That’s no reason to hang me by a lanyard
I admit that some mistakes were made
But we kept them all deep in the shade.

I serve at the pleasure of the President
It don’t matter where all the money went
Skill and integrity that’s what I lack
I got my job because I’m a political hack!

I’m A Political Hack
Workin’ For The Prez!
Doing a heckuva job
No matter what anyone sez.
I got my job because of loyalty
And if liberals hate me
That’s OK with me!



At 4:43 PM , Blogger timtraveler said...

Definitely a song.

The chorus: "I serve at the pleasure of the President..."


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