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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Palin's Wink...

So Alaska Governor Sarah Palin survived her Vice Presidential debate with Senator Joe Biden.
Right wing spinners are claiming victory primarily because she didn't fall on her face! She certainly did not demonstrate any intellectual brilliance or astute political instincts or any qualifications she might have to be the VP, and Prez if necessary, that had been heretofore obscured in her famous interviews with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric.
She also didn't answer any questions but instead stuck to her carefully rehearsed script, sprinkled liberally with "You betchas!" and 'Darn right!" How many times did she use the word 'maverick?'
She pulled a fast one too. At the outset of the debate she asked Senator Biden if she might call him 'Joe?' This was a set up so she could trot out an old phrase connected with a famous scandal "Say it aint so Joe!"
She was not "folksy" and "cute" as some of her admirers claimed but instead she was clearly pandering and conveying an unspoken but clear message to her base of support in the far right, religious fundamentalist, anti minority and gun toting crowd. Her winks said "I'm one of you!" "I get it!" "I am not going to let a skinny young black guy with a funny name, a liberal and an intellectual, take over this country!"


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