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Monday, September 22, 2008

McCain/Palin; Campaign Without Honor Latest To Prove Correct Dr. Johnson’s Maxim!

Senator John McCain and Alaska governor Sarah Palin are conducting a campaign utterly without honor. Forget truth or candor. They have shown themselves willing to grovel in the muck for the sake of a few votes which, they hope, will put them over the top in what so far appears to be an extremely close election.
McCain never misses an opportunity to remind that he spent “five years in a box” as a prisoner of war of the North Vietnamese. He is proud that he conducted himself by the code of honor of the U.S. military officer’s corps. He should be a recipient of a nation’s gratitude and admiration. Of that there is no doubt.
But now he holds that the same honor and courage he so courageously displayed at that time still guides his path today in these important and troubled times. Sadly that is not the case. John McCain and his Republican supporters have instead chosen a low road of lies, deception and outright distortion of Barack Obama’s life and political record. Indeed, they have blamed every calamity since WWII on Obama! Imagine McCain attempting to place blame on Obama for the Wall Street crash when he, McCain, has been in Congress for 25 years and has followed the standard Republican line of de-regulation of business and markets which have directly led to the Wall Street disaster. Not to mention being smack in the middle of the savings and loan scandal of the eighties. McCain wasn’t found guilty of a crime as a result of a Congressional investigation but he received a Congressional reprimand. McCain was one of the Keating Five who accepted large contributions from Charles Keating. Keating went to prison as a result of the scandal.
McCain’s reaction to the Wall Street crisis should concern every voter. He railed against greed in Wall Street! Imagine, McCain is now suddenly aware there is greed in the financial markets! This is something like the police inspector in Casablanca declaring “Shocked! I’m shocked to learn there is gambling going on at Rick’s Place!" Yeah, right…He wants to fire fellow Republican Christopher Cox and Sarah Palin says that she and John McCain will “grab hold of Wall Street and shake things up.”
These people are not credible or realistic and are more than willing to scare people, distort and pander their way to the White House.
McCain has said that Obama would rather lose a war than an election. That statement has now morphed into a new slogan, “Service First” which insinuates Obama is more interested in getting elected than serving his country, a despicable statement.
Sarah Palin recently raised the specter of a nuclear Iran in terms very similar to the fear mongering indulged by G.W. Bush to push the U.S. and its allies into the war in Iraq.
And there is much more of which to blame the McCain/Palin campaign but, in the interest of brevity, likely anyone reading this will be very familiar of the conduct and tenor of the campaign, there is no need to list these miss-statements and distortions.
The McCain/Palin campaign is following a Rovian script which even Karl Rove has criticized for dishonesty!
For a man who has based so much of his biography on honor John McCain has shown himself to be willing to run a dishonorable campaign.
Dr. Samuel Johnson, one of the pre-eminent and oft quoted men of English letters, said, in 1775, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel!” John McCain seems hell bent on proving the truth of Dr. Johnson’s maxim!


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