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Thursday, June 26, 2008

McCain Wants "Psychological Benefit" Of Offshore Drilling

Are John McCain’s staff people as dumb as he is? One must wonder…
Recently McCain attended a fundraiser for high rollers at the ranch of Republican Clayton Williams, the Texas oil man who ran for governor against Ann Richards. This at a time when McCain is attempting to make inroads with the disgruntled women still miffed about Hillary’s defeat.
Apparently neither McCain, his staffers, or his Texas supporters, thought it worth remembering that Williams’ losing campaign traded heavily on sexism, most notably with his now famous remark “If rape is inevitable, you might as well lay back and enjoy it!”
Now he has been calling for increased offshore drilling in U.S. coastal areas. He made this pitch in Santa Barbara, California, among other places. Apparently neither he or his staffers recalled Santa Barbara's history with oil spills.
Santa Barbara is a place that has long vehemently opposed drilling off their coast ever since the disastrous oil spill of 1969 which coated miles of pristine beaches and killed thousands of birds and other marine life.
Speaking later in Fresno, McCain said that even though the nation might take years to benefit from offshore drilling, “exploiting those reserves would have psychological impact that I think is beneficial.”
Yeah, right. Slogging through gobs of oil on the beach is a great “psychological benefit.”
I suppose if you don't live on the coast you don't care about beaches and marine life.


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