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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scott McClellan Is Right

Scott McClellan's new book is ruffling some feathers in the White House. This tell all volume basically is in agreement with the charges laid against the White House for years. It has a ring of authenticity and basically substantiates the view of Bush as uninformed, lazy and isolated from reality. A Bush who shapes his views according to how he wants to see things. A Bush who started a war for for false reasons.
McClellan also charges the press with not being tough enough with the administration. That seems to be right on the mark. The press failed in its job of digging out the truth, even if it brings the Presidency into an unfavorable light. As for why the press went so easy on Bush and his team the answer is not evident but this administration has relied on pure propaganda from the start and has often paid journalists for favorable stories, planted friendly commentators in the net works and provided ready made "news" stories for TV all across America.



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