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Monday, June 02, 2008

Dems Rules Committee Makes 'Solomonic' Decision

Hillary Clinton and her supporters continue to grasp at straws and cling to flawed logic to keep her campaign afloat at this late date in the primary season.
They are flat wrong and they are distorting the facts. This is more of the “Clintonesque” behavior that has brought us dissertations on “what the definition of ‘is’ is!”
Clinton claimed today, Sunday, June 1, 2008, that she has the lead in popular votes with 17 million votes cast thus far in the Democratic primaries. She also says she has “The highest voter total in history” in a Democratic or any other primary. She is counting Michigan and Florida’s vote. By her math Obama gets no votes in Michigan, where his name was not on the ballot and where he did not campaign, and he gets no votes from Florida where he was on the ballot but did not campaign.
She is wrong. Obama actually has 17 plus million votes from the votes that really have been cast, in the primaries that do count. Her argument is dishonest.
The Clinton camp also says she can carry the states such as West Virginia and Pennsylvania where she had overwhelming primary wins. That is also flawed logic. A Democratic primary win does not automatically translate into a win in the general election. Now this is a fact for each candidate. The fact is that strategy in the general election is a very different animal.
Because Hillary won the most votes by white, working class men overwhelmingly in the primaries by no means is an indicator that the working class as a whole will go for Hillary.
Hilllary Clinton has become, unjustifiably so, an object of scorn, ridicule and mockery in the far right media and among their followers at a level equal to, if not exceeding, the same type of strong feeling and invective aimed at husband Bill.
A letter to the editor in the local daily newspaper expressed these people’s feelings succinctly. The letter, purportedly from a terminally ill woman in her last weeks, read “Thank God I wont live long enough to see Hillary Clinton become the next President of the United States!”


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