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Thursday, February 28, 2008

McCain Chides Obama About "Experience"

Yesterday Presidential candidates, Senators John McCain and Barack Obama, exchanged barbs while speaking at different events.
McCain said "I have news for Obama. Al Qaeda is in Iraq. That's why it's called Al Qaeda in Iraq!" McCain has joined in the chorus of Obama critics who say he is inexperienced.
Obama responded at his event saying "I have news for John McCain...Al Qaeda was not in Iraq until George Bush and John McCain launched an invasion of Iraq."
Obama is right. And McCain has a history of losing his temper and of making some pretty stange statements. McCain has experience all right, but we don't need his kind of experience.
Note his diplomatic experience on display when he sang "Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran..." to his admirers a while back. Pretty funny huh?
Note his independence, for which he is noted, as he has been kissing up to the radical, evangelical right, which he formerly and correctly attacked as being intolerant and imperious.
Note his desire to be considered a "Maverick" as he developed a humane and more realistic immigration policy than that which is favored by the far right. When he ran into static on this he promptly withdrew his horns and gave in.
Yes, McCain has some experience all right. Experience in kowtowing, caving in and flip flopping to attract some votes.


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