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Monday, February 25, 2008

Dr. James Orange Dies

Yesterday Dr. James Orange died at the age of 65.
Dr. Orange was one of Dr. Martin Luther King's lieutenants during the "Freedom Rides" and the Selma march and other events during the civil rights movement.
I had the pleasure of introducing Dr. Orange at an assembly several years ago at West Oso High School. He was a large, white haired man with a huge smile. He spoke about continuing to work for civil rights in the modern days.
I had been introduced as a blues player and they asked me to play a little harp during my introduction which I gladly did.
Dr. Orange said he was a big blues fan and mentioned Muddy Waters, Little Walter, John Lee Hooker and others as among his favorites. He said the Freedom Riders often sang and listened to blues and soul as they endured through their struggles.


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