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Monday, January 28, 2008

The Surge Is Working?

Tonight the President made his final State of the Union message to the American people and the joint session of Congress. Among other things the President kept up his recent mantra “The surge is working…”
Today a roadside IED killed five U.S soldiers. The surge is working.
Last year was the deadliest year for American forces. The surge is working.
The Iraqi army is still not capable of operating on a large scale on its own. The surge is working.
A new year has begun and there is no progress in the Iraqi Parliament concerning the sticky issues of oil revenue sharing, rebuilding the shattered infrastructure, insuring a fair way for all segments of the population to get real representation in the government and all of the myriad problems of that sad country. The surge is working.
John McCain said we may stay in Iraq for a million years. The surge is working.
The next President will have to deal with Iraq now but needn’t worry. The surge is working.
The economy is headed into the tank but…the surge is working!
What if, four years from now, another 400,000 Iraqis have died in the conflict as well as 5,000 more Americans, will the incumbent President still be saying, “The surge is working?”


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