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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

G.W.'s Middle East Trip; Ultimate In Impotence!

President G.W.'s current trip to the Middle East is the manifestation of a lame duck's ultimate impotence.
In a fresh round of violence, probably sparked by his visit, Hamas fired rockets into Israel and the Israelis responded with incursions and strikes into Hamas territory in the Gaza Strip.
Bush praised the Egyptians even while their civil rights record and lack of political freedom and free press exceeds the repression Bush claims exits in Iran.
The countries of the Middle East, as the rest of the world, have their eyes on the coming Presidential election and any hope of real progress until a new administration takes over is probably illusory.
Bush largely ignored the Palestine/Israeli conflict during his terms, especially early on when he might have been able to accomplish something.
Bush has said he saw real hope of a peace plan taking effect "...Before I leave office." Wonder what he is smoking?


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