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Friday, June 01, 2007

Senator Cornyn In Town To Pump Up Oil Prices!

U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R Tx) is pushing to lower environmental standards to make it less expensive to build new refineries and expand existing ones.
Cornyn held a news conference in the parking lot of a Valero convenience store, which sells gasoline under the Valero label. Valero has a large refinery here in Corpus Christi.
"This is ground zero when it comes to producing gas and fuel," said Cornyn,
"We need to increase the domestic fuel supply and decrease our dependence on foreign oil. No complaining of the demagoguery or cursing the darkness will lead to a solution."
Corny knows a thing or two about demagoguery.
In a classic example of the politcal BS he is so good at he said "The problem is that the farming states urge ethanol use, but chicken farmers and tortilla factories complain of the high price of corn, It's not a crime to make a profit in America. Part of what we need to do in Congress is get out of the way of free enterprise. We haven't had a refinery built in about 30 years because of federal regulations. Things like this take time and there is no quick fix."
Yeah, that's it. It's the tortilla factories fault, and the farmers...yeah.
The local refineries have been undergoing steady expansions for as long as I can remember. Perhaps the oil companies don't want to build new ones when the old ones help them make new record profits each passing quarter.



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