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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Taxpayer's Money Squandered In Iraq

Iraq has been a huge disaster and it is getting worse every day. Over 3,000 American troops have died, tens of thousands have been wounded, many maimed for life. Untold numbers of Iraqis have died, certainly many hundreds of thousands.The Iraqi government is weak and ineffective and surely would not last long after American and the few remaining allied troops leave. Violence and chaos rule the country, the economy is in shambles and hope for an independent, democratic and economically self supporting Iraq is a dim dream. Military spending is out of control and ill spent. Shortages of body armor for troops and armored Hum Vees have plagued our forces and now helicopters are being shot down at an increasingly alarming rate.
It's not a pretty picture. Now more details are emerging as Congress, for the first time, is examining what we have been spending in Iraq. It's not going to be a pretty picture. Reports are now popping up about the way taxpayer's money has been spent.
The American public has forked over more than $36 billion on reconstruction in Iraq, much of it unaccounted for. $22 billion of Iraq’s oil money has been wasted with no oversight. Corruption and inepitude are the hallmarks of the re-construction effort.
Democrat Henry Waxman will chair the House government reform committee. Among items to be investigated is the why and how of the shipment of over $12 billion in cash, which is now unaccounted for.
Also construction projects undertaken by the American company Haliburton, which was once headed by Vice-President Cheney, and others will be investigated.
Add to this the money squandered in the Katrina recovery efforts and the bill for waste and fraud engendered by this corrupt administration continues to grow along with the death toll in Iraq.


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