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Thursday, February 01, 2007

EXXON Mobil Reports Record Profits! Again!

How does it feel to pay the high price for a gallon of gas? Not too good, no? Well, be comforted with the recent news that Exxon Mobil Corp. just released the figures for the past year and, guess what, they made more profit than any American company in history! Recall all of the "experts" on TV and in print with all of the lame explanations about why the poor oil companies had no control over the rising prices, that "market forces" were at work, taking it out of their hands.
Don't weep for them too much. Exxon Mobil's annual profit report today reported a $39.5 billion mark in the black for last year! Whew!! This beats the previous record annual earnings, set by, guess who, Mobil Exxon last year at $36.13 billion.
Something to think about as most working families struggle to keep their cars running on the high priced fuel of today.




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