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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Rich Are Getting Richer, Poor Are Getting Poorer, Much Faster Under G.W.!

Recently the Bush administration was patting itself on the back as the figures from the last economic quarter showed a modest decrease in deficit spending. "Tax cuts worked to generate economic growth, and economic growth is now working to raise revenues," White House budget director Rob Portman said. They did everything but stand on their heads singing "Happy Days Are Here Again!" Recalling the message that got Bill Clinton elected, "It's the economy, Stupid!" Bushies who had previously been very uncomfortable with economic comparisons to the previous administration were now ecstatic. But hold on! There is a fly in the ointment and it doesn't bode well for the Republicans and it is a grim omen for most working people. While there was modest growth of tax revenue the national economy is not growing. What has changed is the distribution of wealth. The rich are geting richer and the poor are getting poorer! Nothing new new there you say? True, but it is now going on at a more dissproportionate rate and such an accelerated pace that the gap between the higher incomes and the middle and lowest incomes is now the highest in the history of the country. Once considered the foundation of the economy, the middle class is slowly eroding and the United States is sliding towards becoming a third world economy.



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