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Friday, July 28, 2006

Exxon/Mobil; Make Hay While We Pay!

Exxon/Mobil; $10 Billion Profit,
Shares at New High

Remember when the last quarterly profits report from Exxon/Mobil was released, showing the giant multi-national corporation had scored record profit earnings?This came at the same time that gas prices took their steepest climb at the pump since the 70's and when Exxon/Mobil CEO Lee Raymond announced the details of his ridiculously obscene retirement package.Well the latest quarterly report has been released and it is a doozy. Maybe not a record but still a precipitous 35%, or more than $10 billion, increase over the previous period.This has come about because of sharply increased oil prices. Exxon/Mobil stock has also risen tremendously pleasing investors. "While American families get tipped upside down and have their savings shaken out of their pockets at the gas pump, the Bush-Cheney team devises even more ways to line Big Oil's pockets," said Rep. Ed Markey,D. Massachusetts.
Something to think about as gas goes higher and becomes more scarce, all the while the Middle East is ablaze with conflict which we seem to be impotent to do anything about!


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