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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bush and Cheney, To Do Their Masters Bidding!

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Bush, Cheney, Tied To Major Oil Interests
President Bush and Vice President Cheney have major oil in their backgrounds outside of government. The energy policy put forth by this administration is a sop to big oil and the big three auto makers. They have reduced gas mileage standards, relaxed emissions standards and allowed loopholes in these standards for any vehicle classified as a "truck." This allows SUV's, pickups and vans to dodge these standards and safety regulations as well.
So whose interests are these guys looking out for? It is sure not the average working family or the environment.
Lowering emissions standards leads to more carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere, adding to the accumulation of "green house" gases. Global warming is a fact. Whether or not it is caused by human activity is questioned in some quarters but there is no doubt the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere will not help the situation.
As global warming occurs and sea water temperatures rise, even in small amounts, the risk of more and stronger tropical storm activity will increase.
Vested oil interests seem to be resisting the development of alternative fuels. It is time to change. Oil will run out and the effects of oil dependence is having a long range detrimental effect on the planet.


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