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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cheney Revises History In Speech

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Vice President Cheney Attacks “Revisionists”
By Revising History!

In a speech given Wednesday night, Nov. 16, at a GOP fundraiser, Vice President Dick Cheney attacked critics of the Bush administration. “Some of the most irresponsible comments, have, of course, come from politicians who actually voted in favor of authorizing force against Saddam Hussein.”
Yes many of them did vote to authorize the use of force and now they know they were bamboozled they are a bit upset about it.
Cheney said that the opponents of the Iraq policy in Congress had “…access to the intelligence and were free to draw their own conclusions.”
It’s absurd to expect that members of Congress, especially Democrats, had access to the same intelligence as the White House. And most of them believed the administration was telling the truth. Imagine that!
Paul O’Neil, former Secretary of the Treasury in the Bush administration said in his book, The Price of Loyalty, that from his earliest cabinet meetings, well before 9-11, it was clear that President Bush was making plans to invade Iraq.
Bob Woodward in his book Bush at War, says that plans to take down Saddam were being considered from the early days of the Bush administration.
Cheney and Bush made continuous comments leading up to the war that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. They made claims of nuclear capability and talked of an “imminent danger” to the U.S. Cheney said we should not wait “for a smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud” before we took action against Saddam.
This statement was one of many claiming Iraq had “Revived its nuclear program…” and that “They were very near to having nuclear weapons capabilities.” There was no truth in this.
Cheney and the Bush administration also made many statements to the effect that Iraq supported Al Qaida and provided training for them, that there had been high level meetings between Iraq and Al Qaida. These statements were not true. Many believe to this day that Saddam Hussein was behind the attacks of 9-11. The Bush administration has done their utmost to perpetuate this mistaken idea and yet they still use this tired old rubric to confuse the public.
The American public was told that we would be greeted as "Conquering heroes!" Now, two years later and with 2,100 Amercians killed and tens of thousands wounded opposition to our forces is stronger than ever.
Countless billions of dollars have been spent on the war. This is not what we were led to believe. The administration had said "The war will be paid for by oil sales in a revitalized Iraq."
There is much more and it is easy to look it up if you feel like it but the bottom line is this administration led our country into a war we didn’t need to fight and used deceptive and devious methods to justify the war.
Cheney is right about one thing. There are some folks trying to revise history about the origins of this war. All he needs to do is look in the mirror and he will see the chief revisionist!


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