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Monday, October 10, 2005

Still More Disasters, World Wide Response Team Needed

Disasters Happen!

This has been a tough year for natural disasters. A possible Atlantic hurricane record looms, hurricane Katrina was the most destructive in U.S. history. Now earthquakes have killed tens of thousands in the Kashmir, the rugged, disputed area in India and Pakistan.
Hurricane Stan piled into the countries of Mexico and Guatemala killing hundreds and burying entire villages in mudslides.
Recovery is still underway in the South East Asian Pacific ravaged by the tsunami late last year.
Rescue and recovery is underway in all of these events and is being conducted by more than 60 nations. It is expensive and tedious but absolutely necessary. Often these efforts are confused, ill led and accompanied by corruption and crime. Sometimes it seems as the lessons of past disasters have gone unlearned.
Perhaps it is time to establish a global disaster relief agency with expertise and supplies with the capability to quickly moblise and deploy to disaster striken areas in less time and with more efficency than is presently the case.
This organization could streamline proceedures for handling donations and relief and perhaps save money and wasted and duplicative efforts.


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