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Friday, October 07, 2005

Minuteman Vigilantes Not Needed!

Minutemen Pose Danger On Border

The Minutemen, a group of self appointed vigilantes, have decided to take it upon themselves to prevent illegal aliens, drug runners and terrorists from crossing the border with Mexico.
The problem is, how do they know who is an illegal alien or an unwanted border crosser? They have no training in law enforcement nor will they have any kind of real intelligence concerning potential actual threats or smuggling.
They say they will be unarmed but already there has been an incident of so-called Minutemen being charged with carrying fire arms in a place where alcoholic beverages were sold.
There has also been an incident where they stopped a truck carrying what they took for illegal aliens but it turned out that everyone in the truck was a legal resident. Why did they stop the truck in the first place? They claim they are there just to observe and to notify law enforcement, not to intervene.
Clearly their prescence creates a strong possibility of causing a serious incident.
There have been claims that they have intimidated people they suspected of being illegal aliens. They have no legal authority and law enforcement agencies have said they don't want them there.
The Minutemen are one of those ideas whose time has not come!


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