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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Republicans In Bed With Big Oil!

It came as no surprise when Republicans such as Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal blamed President Obama for the oil spill and the supposedly slow response of the federal government.
Rick Perry also chimed in, he who has hung his hat on the star of "states rights."
As usual the facts don't matter to these political animals.
Witness the performance of the Minerals Management Service, a section of the Interior Department.
During the Bush years this agency was stacked with industry insiders and instead of regulating they pursued orgiastic sex and booze parties put on by oil companies and were lavished with gifts from those they are supposed to regulate.
And it was Dick Cheney's old company, Haliburton, that was involved in conducting the down hole procedure when the blowout occurred.
All of a sudden those who opposed federal regulations of any sort now expect the federal government to step in and rescue and industry that makes trillions of dollars and has never developed techniques or technology for cleaning up oil spills beyond the flimsy booms and inadequate skimmers.


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