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Monday, March 30, 2009

GOP's Desperate Budget Ploy!

If times weren't so bad this would be funny but now it is just pathetic!
After President Obama unveiled his budget plan last week the GOP and their big money supporters have been going ballistic! They seem unfazed and uncooperative in trying to fix the economy and budget process which they have screwed up for the past eight years!
President Obama recognized there would be criticism and he offered to his opponents in Congress a meeting to scrutinize their plan. The only problem, he said, is that they don't have one!
The Congressional House minority leader, John Boehner (R Ohio) quickly got into his usual huff and appeared before reporters the next day and said the president was wrong! They do have a plan "And here it is!" said Boehner as he waved a thin but official looking pamphlet in the air.
Afterwards reporters asked to see the plan or at least be given some details.
Boehner refused saying that the substance of their plan would be released at a later date.
Someone who had seen the so called "plan" did leak to reporters that the pamphlet Boehner displayed had only two pages with some kind of a simplistic graph on it and a few cartoonish pictures of a windmill and other things.
This was a sham to mask the utter inability of the current Congressional GOP to come to grips with reality!
Even G.W. Bush was smarter than that! Once he was asked about his proposed budget and he replied "It's a budget! There are a lot of numbers in it!"


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