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Friday, January 30, 2009

Senator John Cornyn;Texas' Embarrasment!

Senator John Cornyn, or "Big John," as he portrayed himself in his ridiculous campaign ad last year when he ran successfully for re-election, is a national embarrassment.
He insisted on a committe vote to hold up the nomination of Attorney General Eric Holder because he wanted Holder to agree in advance not to prosecute any intelligence agents or officials from the previous administration who may have been involved in the torture of suspected terrorists.
This is arrogance in the extreme and of course Holder would not agree to such a prior constraint on his actions.
Cornyn and the other Republican obstructionists are struggling to slow down President Obama's progress and derail his agenda. Cornyn is very likely one of many in the GOP who are looking ahead to 2012 and are now attempting to shore up the base of the far right Republicans.

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At 10:39 AM , Anonymous Karen said...

This guy!! When Matt came home at Christmas, after returning to Camp Lajuene NC from Iraq where he served with his Marine unit as a Navy corpsman...we were there in force, family and friends, with a big banner...couldn't miss it as the arriving passangers came down the escalator at the Austin airport...but one guy did...Sen Cornyn was on that same plane from Houston as Matt...came down that escalator, spotted that banner, TURNED HIS HEAD AND WALKED THE OTHER WAY...no acknowledgment, wave...nothing! to a family welcoming home a loved one from the war he and his party manipulated us into...I couldn't believe it!

The banner read "Welcome Home to our Texas Doc, we love you!" with a huge corpsman insignia...could not miss who was coming from where...


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