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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sarah Palin Is Handy With A Shotgun!

Who Is Sarah Palin?
It has been interesting to see all the crash courses on Sarah Palin’s bio going on. The right wing spinners have lost no time in extolling her virtues and buying into McCain’s transparent ploy.
They are quickly shaping up an image to try to sell to the voters.
The left wing spinners are just clucking their tongues and shaking their heads at the audacity of this ill conceived nomination.
No longer can the Republicans look down their noses at Obama’s admittedly thin resume when it comes to foreign policy and security issues. Palin has no real public profile. Her tenure as mayor doesn’t really count. Being mayor in a tiny town in rural Alaska really doesn’t equate to Obama’s political cradle, the rough and tough tumble of Chicago politics.
And Palin has not even completed half of her rookie term as governor of Alaska. She may develop into a political leader but to say she is there now is delusional.
Meanwhile a lot of dumb things have been said in her support, one of the worst was Cindy McCain on This Week on Sunday morning. (8-31-08)
“Palin lives in Alaska. That’s the place in America that is closest to Russia. Palin understands Russia.” Hmmm…one beauty queen talking about another.
That reminds me of G.W. Bush. When G.W. was Texas Governor, running for the Presidency, he replied to criticism concerning his lack of foreign policy experience buy pointing out that as Governor of Texas he lived right next to Mexico. Implying that he gained some intrinsic knowledge from mere proximity. Of course, G.W. Bush really knew little about Mexico and, really, he’s not that interested.
As if to emphasize the transparency of McCain’s selection she was reported to have said, speaking of Obama, “Gee, why didn’t he choose Hillary!” She said this to kiss up to the so-called “disgruntled” Hillary supporters.
We have learned some about the newcomer to the national scene.
How accurate all of this is remains to be seen but so far here are some things that have emerged.
Palin opposed teaching birth control in school, she reportedly favfored preaching abstinence. Hmmm....didn't work did it?
Palin said she is in favor of refurbishing the now languishing Trans Alaska pipeline. She said when it was built it delivered so much oil to the American market. Actually most of the gasoline refined from that oil was imported to Japan and other overseas markets.
Palin doesn’t believe global warning is being caused by human activity.
Palin favors drilling in ANWR.
Palin wants creationism taught in schools.
She is a right wing evangelical, with all the beliefs that entails.
She is a life long member of the NRA.

Here is a link to a wonderful column on Palin by Maureen Dowd in today’s N.Y. Times (8-31-08)



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