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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

NIE Estimate Exposes More Bush Lies

The Bush adminstration has once again been caught in lies which have been used to deceive about mid east policies. George W. Bush has demonstrated that inconvenient little things, such as the facts and the truth, are not as important as are his own preconceived notions when it comes to the Middle East and foreign policy in general.
The recent revelation of the 2003 NIE finding showing that the intelligence community, and the Bush administration, has known since that Iran had discontinued their nuclear weapons program.
So does that change the hostility and saber rattling the Bush administration has been directing towards Iran?
Of course not! One thing you can say about George W. Bush and his inner circle, they never have let the facts get into the way of their ideas about foreign policy!
Today, Tuesday, Dec. 4, The President said in a press conference that his policy towards Iran is unchanged. He said, basically, that maybe they don't have a nuclear
weapons program but they might some day so we still remain belligerant and hostile. So now the president is basing policy on unknown future possibilities, not actual facts!
Rand Beers, who resigned from Bush's National Security Council just before the Iraq war, said the report should derail any appetite for war on the administration's part, and should reinvigorate regional diplomacy. "The new NIE throws cold water on the efforts of those urging military confrontation with
Iran," he said.
Undeterred by the disclosure U.S. National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley, said the risk of Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon remains "a serious problem."


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