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Monday, October 15, 2007

Chocolate! I have To Have It!!

A recent AP article by Seth Borenstein reports that bacteria living in one’s intestines may be responsible for chocolate cravings!
“… people who crave daily chocolate show signs of having different colonies of bacteria than people who are immune to chocolate's allure.
“The researchers examined the byproducts of metabolism in their blood and urine and found that a dozen substances were significantly different between the two groups. For example, the amino acid glycine was higher in chocolate lovers, while taurine (an active ingredient in energy drinks) was higher in people
who didn't eat chocolate. Also chocolate lovers had lower levels of the bad cholesterol, LDL,” wrote Borenstein.
I am one of those chocoholics. Sometimes I lose control and have to have my chocolate fix! It is often overwhelming. If this study holds up it will show it is the bacteria which craves the chocolate and not me! It’s not my fault!


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