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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Jim Nicholson Nominated For Brownie Award

Jim Nicholson is a political hack appointed by President G.W. Bush January 26, 2005, to be the fifth Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Nicholson has been the target of some pointed questioning recently in light of the scandal at Walter Reed Army Hospital and the VA system in general. Nicholson seemed arrogant and out of touch in his TV appearances. On the air with ABC's Bob Woodruff Nicholson made light of the large numbers of Iraqi vets seeking help saying many of them are receiving "dental care." He maintained that the VA was " doing a good job."

This recent revelation about out patient care at Walter Reed puts such an assertion in question to say the least.This scandal also reaveals how important it is to the Bush administration to "support the troops."
It was announced on ABC News today that under Nicholson's tenure a contingecy plan to help ease wounded soldiers from military care back into civilian life was scrapped by Nicholson shortly after he took over the bureau.
Nicholson, an attorney by trade, is a former chairman of the Republican Party and has a reputation as a hard-nosed partisan. Nicholson has also been instrumental in developing large formerly pristine areas of Colorado into condo cities.He is a decorated combat veteran of the U.S. Army in Vietnam.
Nicholson is a good nomination for this year's "Brownie Award!" The "Brownie" is named after former FEMA director Michael Brown who heard those immortal words from President Bush "You're doing a heckuva job Brownie!"


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